Welcome. I’ve a blog (for) now.

My name is Logan Mikal White-Mulcare, or Logan Mikal for short. This blog houses the major course work of Dr. Pandora, Dr. Purcell, and teaching assistant James Burnes’ Introduction to Digital Humanities at the University of Oklahoma. I am a Junior at OU studying English writing. I’ve major interest in poetry writing and, thanks to this course, a serious drive to focus on digital humanities. Inspired by the class I’ll be working for the next few years on a project that you’ll find a detailed description of the posts below.

During this semester I’ve been given the opportunity to explore (and fall in love with) a world new to me. I’ve for some time been, and am in some regard still, tech-illiterate. However, this course has shone light on the honest to goodness benefits the many tools now available to scholars have to offer. Furthermore, in exploring the course material and working on projects and discussing the material in serious depth, I think we’ve all been driven to answer questions about knowledge formation, the shift in information availability and its role in spheres both casual and scholarly, and posed many a question of our own. We have learned to think about thinking in a way that might have rendered us puzzled or brain-dead before getting to know the digital world, and for that opportunity I’m forever grateful to the doctors P.

You’ll find below this post the reflection papers written for each unit of the course.

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