OM of lamplight

Under the OM of lamplight

Almsgiving palm drooping,

dipping needle fingers into

warm, sweat laced, masculine hairs.

Feminine presence of flora, fauna

weeping into page,

wilting altogether now;

the lamplight, the palm, the hair.

Limp with want, erratic in its spaceless,

placid fervor.

An uproar of brow, breathing steady

into ceilings domain,

eyes wide with wonder, wide from sleepless

moments leading to aching fingers, arched, saluting as they


An ache elsewhere, and another

one fueling, the other dragging vessel

toward rest, toward dark new light.

Indigo stretch marks on the skies black-blue


Jovial as usual, singing and sighing its way into


Several empty aluminum cans.

Several empty aluminum cans, filling

plastic trash-bin, also stretched

Fingers still tapping, brow still rising

Screen an awkward pallor, signifying somehow life,

smelling more like death.

Silent despite its ancestors tendency to whine.

Air between eye and screen pinched tight

within a vice, within vice;

pinched and easily forgotten, though words

keep spilling.

Slowly arranged, slower now than before

Blank spaces to the right and left

matching the narrow atmosphere

the tight chest and shrinking man


Copyright 2015

Logan Mikal White-Mulcare

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