Moon Bone (Pt. 2)

Knothole in wood,

brick lid link lifting,

lost iris humming fire

into skunk tail pitched upward,

wind skimming tall grass exhalation.


Moth dirt from wing fixing pixel

into frame left grit ridden,

shifting perspective from above to



Wrung dry bits of feather leaf drifting,

quieting foot crack and tree step,

water running solid droplets to dew.


Glories hanging wet in solar preparation,

perched on bird back crying light into



Morning cracking faint psalm jokes,

troubling random audio rambling.

All dancing in television swirls;

static chords of AC cooled senses.


Windows sipping sunlight, lids open,

mirrors transparent and brittle.


Moon a flaccid petal,

a pearl without bone.



Copyright 2015

Logan Mikal White-Mulcare

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